Control Bar

The Control Bar allows individual, generic control objects to be placed into the Surface. Each control type is represented by an icon. To place an object, first click on the appropriate icon, then simply click at the desired location in the Surface. With certain control types, this will produce a pop-up window of configuration options, which must match the component being controlled. Then data attributes must also be assigned to match the component being controlled.




Select Cursor

The select cursor is for object selection, placement, and manipulation.

Static Control

is for placing static text objects into the Surface. Text can then be manipulated via the Property Sheet. When editing the text in a Text Object, or any label of a DSP block, Ctrl+Enter will move the cursor to the next line.


Add an image to the surface. Refer to the Picture section for more details


Add a frame to the surface. Refer to the Frame section for more details


Add a edit control. Refer to the Edit section for more details

Edit Spin

Add an edit and Spin control. Refer to the Edit Spin section for more details


Add a button control. Refer to the Button for more details

Toggle Button

Add a toggle button control. Refer to the Toggle Button section for more details


Add a fader control. Refer to the Fader section for more details


Add a meter control. Refer to the Meter section for more details


Add an LED control. Refer to the LED section for more details


Add a grid control tot he surface. Refer to the Grid section for more details

Dialer Control

Add a VoIP Console or TI Console to the surface. Refer to the Dialer Control section for more details


Add a graph control. Refer to the Graph section for more details


Add a page navigation element. Refer to the Paging section for more details


Add a hotspot control. Refer to the Hotspot section for more details


Components may instead be copied from a compiled Tesira Layout file ( .tmf ) and pasted directly into the Tesira Control Software Surface, eliminating the need to manually set component options and Data Attributes. please see Placing Objects for more details.