Preparing Control Surfaces

Typically, there will be one or more dedicated computers connected to the Network, with Biamp Canvas software running, and user access to the control surface available via the System Menu by Logging in or logging out. This requires that the control surface first be sent to the relevant Tesira system.

The control surface is initially sent to the system by the Administrator, who can utilize certain Application Controls to prepare the control surface for the end-user. These Application Controls would have been included in the control surface design, and assigned to a restricted User Access Level. The Administrator can use these controls to put the control surface into a 'user mode' (such as Full Screen), which the end-user cannot exit from. The Administrator will then Logout of the control surface, leaving it active on the computer(s) for user Login or Logout.

Login/Logout may also be assigned to Application Controls on the control surface, which can be made accessible to the end-user. Full Screen mode can be automatic whenever control surfaces are opened or tested, as selected under Tools > General Options.