Object Bar

The Object Bar contains grouped sets of controls objects that can be placed into the Surface.


These grouped controls are organized in the same categories as found in the Tesira design software:

Input Output, Mixer, Equalizer, Filter, Crossover, Dynamic Processing, Router, Delay, Control, Audio Meter, Generator, and Logic. The default control will bring the relevant items that can be accessed by Biamp canvas.

Toolbar icon names appear when the mouse is positioned over them.

Each category is represented by an icon, with a drop-down menu to the right. To place an object, first choose the appropriate category, then select the desired component from the drop-down menu. Once the component has been selected, simply left-click at the desired location in the Surface. With certain controls, this will produce a pop-up window of configuration options, which must match the component being controlled. Then, an Instance ID Tag must also be assigned in the object's Property Sheet to match the component being controlled.

Components may be copied from a compiled Tesira design file, and pasted directly into the Surface, eliminating the need to manually set component options and the Instance ID Tag. Please see the Placing Objects section.

The Object Bar also provides the option of either a select cursor or a text cursor. The select cursor (default) is for object selection, placement, and manipulation. The text cursor is for placing static text objects into the Surface. Text can then be manipulated via the Property Sheet. When editing the text in a Text Object, or any label of a DSP block, Ctrl+Enter will move the cursor to the next line.

Toolbars are opened/closed and customized via the View Menu and may be positioned as desired.