Edit User Accounts

Edit User Account allows creation and editing of accounts. User accounts can be used to restrict access to the control surface to specific people. An account requires a User Name, Access Level and Password. When Edit User Accounts is selected, a Tesira Credentials dialog window is shown. User account creation in Biamp Canvas is linked to a valid, credentialed Tesira admin or user, and these credentials must be entered at this stage.  Failure to enter valid Tesira credentials will cause any subsequently created user accounts to be invalid. Also, any Biamp Canvas users created under these credentials will have the same privilege level as the admin or user who created them.  That is, if a Tesira Designer's credentials are entered, any Biamp Canvas users created under them will have Designer level privilege in Biamp Canvas. A Biamp Canvas user's credentials cannot be used to access a Tesira system.

Edit User Account Dialog



User Name

The name of the User account

Access Level

determines which controls will be available to that user. Control objects are also assigned to Access Levels, via the Property Sheet.

Start Page

determines which Control Page is to be accessed initially by this user.


The account Password.


Checking this box will give the user admin level privileges within Biamp Canvas



There are five prioritized Access Levels.

Inaccessible controls will be visible but disabled. They can instead be made invisible via General Options.