Gang Group

Gang Group allows multiple controls of the same type to have combined operation. A Gang Group must first be created in this list. Then multiple controls of the same type may be assigned to that group via the Property Sheet.

The Instance ID, DSP Block Type, Attribute, and Input/Output must be assigned for objects in a gang, even to achieve proper control behavior in Test Mode.

When a new Gang Group is added, a Toggle Button control appears, which is already assigned to gang/un-gang all of the controls in that Gang Group. Gang controls may be deleted if not needed. User-created Toggle Button controls may also be assigned as Gang controls. When assigning controls to a Gang Group via the Property Sheet, some or all of the controls may be assigned as Master. Gang Group and Master control behavior varies by control type.

Ganging Toggle Buttons

Toggle Button controls: When the state of a Master control is toggled (on/off) by clicking on it, other Master controls in that Gang will also toggle (on/off), regardless of their original state. Non-Master controls will simply assume the same state (on/off) as the Master control.

Ganging Fader, Edit and Spin Controls

When using Fader, Edit and Edit Spin controls when the setting of a Master control is changed, all other controls in that Gang are changed accordingly, so as to maintain the same relative offsets. The range of the Master control is restricted, so that no other (offset) controls may travel outside of their range. When a non-Master control setting is changed, no other controls in that Gang are affected.

Ganging Graph controls

When using Graph controls the graphs cannot be assigned as Master controls. All Graph controls within a Gang will follow the active control exactly, on an individual filter basis. With Parametric EQs or All-Pass Filters it is possible to gang controls that have a different number of filter bands. In this case, only the common filter bands (those that are first in initial numerical order) are ganged together.

If a ganged control is modified as the result of a preset recall, then no ganging behavior occurs.

Gang Groups dialog




Applies and closes the dialog


Does not apply changes and closes dialog box


Creates new Gang Group


Removes selected Gang group


Allows a custom name to be used for the Gang Group