Getting Started with Biamp Canvas

Biamp Canvas is a software program designed to allow the creation and use of customized computer control screens with Tesira® or TesiraFORTÉ® digital audio systems. The function and appearance of the graphic control interface can be tailored to the exact needs of the user. Individual or grouped sets of controls may be placed and assigned to specific system functions, or component objects can be copied directly from the system design file into Biamp Canvas software, producing completely preassigned user controls. An array of drawing tools is provided for extensive graphic manipulation of controls, backgrounds, and labeling. Control screens can be created with the ability to easily navigate between multiple pages of operation. Once created, a control file is downloaded into the system, where it can then be accessed by multiple network computers running Biamp Canvas software. The software cannot alter the system design itself, and access to the system may be controlled by passwords and user accounts. System control may be provided using a combination of Biamp Canvas software, hardware control panels, and third-party control systems simultaneously.

The Biamp Canvas Software Application has a number of Software Tools including Toolbars and Keyboard Shortcuts to aid in creating customized control surfaces. Designing Control Surfaces and Sending Control Surfaces to a correctly configured Tesira System allows easy end-user system control.

Recommended Minimum Software Requirements

*Virtual machines or tablets running Windows are not supported at this time. 


A Tesira server-class device such as a Tesira SERVER, SERVER I/O, or TesiraFORTÉ must be present on the system.